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Region background colors

  • What I’m trying to do is give each background a specific color to visually see how large each region is. This will allow me to see how I want to adjust the width and height of each region. I looked through the main.css file and found styles such as:

    When I set the background color to these styles, it is only changing the background color of the widget, not the entire region itself.

    I basically want to visually see all the different regions, so I can customize them to my liking. Any comments and feedback on this would be appreciated. I do thank you all in advance for your support.


  • Project Sponsor

    @txajay they are only as big as the modules, they change after the content. You have to specifically add width/height to the regions to make it work like you intend.

    If a div is empty it doesn’t take up space.

  • Module Developer

    One more thing, If there is no module in target region, it will not be displayed.

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    You could write a module for regions to show even without modules being in it 😉

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