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Module not showing up anymore!!

  • Hi Everyone!

    Weird thing happened to me today. One of my modules stopped showing up on my Mirror. Essentially, I was adding this module on my Mirror:

    There were no problems with this installation but then I eventually just deleted the module. For some reason, this module: stopped showing up.

    I know my installation of this was correct since it was showing up before. I tried removing and readding it but no luck. Here are my logs:

    It looks like the module loads correctly but then gets suspended and never resumes. The other models also get suspended but they eventually resume. Any idea how this could happen?

    Thank you any help is appreciated!!

    Image Log Link: Image Log Link

  • Module Developer

    @sam You have 23 errors, please show them to us.
    Just apply the error filter by clicking on the “Default levels” dropdown and deselect “Info”.

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