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Adafruit IO Module

  • Looking for an Adafruit IO module. I’d like to post information from my feeds directly on my Magic Mirror. I have multiple sensors that feed into my account that I would love to see on the mirror. Anyone have information on this or could provide some direction?


  • Seconded.
    Have tried with MMM-MQTT and MMM-mqtt modules, but can’t connect to my adafruitIO feeds.

  • Update: managed to achieve this with MMM-mqtt (lower case) module.
    I think that MMM-MQTT connects with mqtt://… even if you specify 8883 port (when using SSL). With the MMM-mqtt module you can set the URL it connects with, and specify mqtts://…

  • Any chance you could post your config.js file minus private stuff? Or just the mqtt portion? I tried to do but went different path. Tried using iframe and that didn’t work at all.

  • Absolutely:

    module: "MMM-mqtt",
    				position: "bottom_right",
    				header: "Garage rear door",
    				config:	{
    					mqttServer: "mqtts://",
    					topic: "username/feeds/feed-name",
    					loadingText: "waiting for event...",
    					interval: 60000,

    Obviously replacing username, key and feed-name.
    I am having an issue currently with the mirror showing “MQTT server is offline” after a short time and mirror is not picking up any new messages published 😞

    Hope that helps.

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