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Help with hardware for magic mirror

  • I’ve been looking around for hardware for a magic mirror but I haven’t quite pulled the trigger based on price, without being absolutely certain of efficiency.

    I’ve found this monitor at about $150 which I think is reasonable but was wondering if you guys had anything cheaper/better to recommend.

    I’m also a little confused on what type of mirror to look into purchasing. Could anybody point me in the right direction for that one?

    Thank you!

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    @achanaksadma - The type of monitor doesn’t really matter all that much. Your basic Magic Mirror is displaying large white text on a black background. Any monitor will be able to display it. It is preferable that your monitor have an HDMI port that points down towards the monitor stand instead of straight back. But that’s not a critical requirement. It is pretty much a requirement that you use an LCD monitor. Nobody but nobody has used a CRT monitor for their Magic Mirror, for weight and size reasons.

    For the type of mirror, you’re looking to purchase a two way mirror with about 30 to 50% light transmission. That means that any light source behind the mirror will have about 30-50% of that light make it through the glass. If you find a company that makes a one-way mirror with these specs, go for it. One way mirrors are the same as two-way mirrors.

    I’ve used a few times and have been quite happy with the service.

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    I will just say get what you can afford and make it work 🙂 I have a 24", 32" and 10" all running 🙂

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