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Help please with refresh of webpage

  • HI there! I have loaded a piece of a webpage (transport for london) into the helloworld module (as per the halloween instructions). This part works perfectly, I can see my current bus status, tube status for the line I take and the timings for the next train in the direction I take. My problem is that after about 10 minutes or so, the page tells me “this departure information is out of date. Please try reloading the page.” I need to add some code into the helloworld module in order to set a refresh on the page at certain time intervals. I tried an updateInterval, but I either coded it wrong or I"m missing some code. Can anyone help me please? This is the last thing on my twin display MM (well, until I can get Alexa voice commands working !) Many thanks in advance!

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  • @yawns I copied everything exactly, had a thrice over look at syntax but now the module doesn’t show at all. On the MM it just shows the name, but not the content. Help?

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