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i need help getting the dailybibleverse module set up.

  • heres what i put in the config.js

    modules: [
    		module: "MMM-DailyBibleVerse",
    		position: "bottom_bar",	// This can be any of the regions. Best result is in the bottom_bar as verses can take multiple lines in a day.
    		config: {
                version: "NIV", // This can be changed to any version you want that is offered by Bible Gateway. For a list, go here:,
    	    size: "small" // default value is medium, but can be changed. 


    i pasted the MMM-DailyBibleVerse folder here ‘/home/pi/MagicMirror/modules/default/MMM-DailyBibleVerse’

    im new here so i think im making a silly mistake im blind to. can anyone enlighten me?

  • ok so i got the config.js to open and display everything except the daily bible verse module… i dont know how i can get it to display.

    i went ahead and swapped out the “newsfeed” new york times link, and switched it to bible gatewhats verse a day link but it only says the time the verse was updated and something like this “galatians 16:23”
    it doesnt actually display the bible quote.
    so far the news feed looks like this

    module: "newsfeed",
    			position: "top_bar",
    			config: {
    				feeds: [
    						title: "Bible Gateway's Verse of the Day",
    						url: ""
    				showSourceTitle: true,
    				showPublishDate: true

    its not displaying anything other than the book chapter and verse of the bible…

    trying to use the actual “mmm-dailybibleverse” module isnt working however magic mirror starts it just doesnt display

  • Module Developer

    have you tried another region or just removing the newsfeed. Just an idea but maybe this module is out of the picture…

    Also, the newsfeed module only shows the book because it searches in the xml the and part. If you can get the newsfeed module to show more (the part) it could work

  • Project Sponsor

    @steed said in i need help getting the dailybibleverse module set up.:

    i pasted the MMM-DailyBibleVerse folder here ‘/home/pi/MagicMirror/modules/default/MMM-DailyBibleVerse’

    This path is incorrect. Modules go in the /home/pi/MagicMirror/modules folder. That path is assumed when you add the module name to the config.js entry. So when you type module: 'MMM-DailyBibleVerse', it’s going to look in that path for a folder with that name.

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