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MMM-iFrame dosent display URL

  • Hello guys, I added MMM-iFrame in my config.js but nothing is displaying the url I config in the config file. my config file is errorless. her the section for the iframe module:

    			module: 'MMM-iFrame',
    			position: 'middle_center',
    			config: {
                  url: [""],
    				updateInterval: 0.5 * 60 * 1000,
    				width: "600",
    				height: "400",
    				frameWidth: "400"

    this url is just a example.

    anybody a idea?

    thanks greetings

  • Module Developer

    Not every URL is displayable as iframe, Google is one of them. Try another URL.


  • Thanks dir Ur reply Bit i tried another url already. A Owen Network Ur like 192.168… But Self this url will Not Display. I Cant See anything. I See nothing.

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