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Mobile app (bachelor thesis)

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    This one?

    Hey Mate,

    thank you for filling out my survey, I really appreciate that.

    Now it’s time for the first prototype.


    • Pairing: To pair your phone with your mirror, you have to scan the qr-code which will appear for a minute on the mirror.
    • Pull-to-Refresh: Once you paired your phone it’s time to get data in modules(available, installed) and region(this will override all changes you have done and not synced to the mirror yet).
    • Edit Modules: You can remove, reorder and edit modules. After you’re done it’s time to sync your changes to the mirror.
    • Sync: This will override your config.js file on the mirror. You have to restart your mirror manually.

    Explanation of types:

    • Object: {}
    • Array: []
    • Integer: Numbers like 1, 3, 17, etc.
    • Float: Numbers like 1.25, 3.45, etc.
    • String: “This is just a text.”
    • Boolean: true, false


    If you get in trouble or found a bug please submit an issue on github(don’t forget to name your phone os), so everyone can benefit from it. But it’s also possible to send me an email in english or german.

    Kind Regards,


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    Thanks @yawns I believe this was the first out of 3 emails I sent.

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    You are right. The other two mails contain change logs

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