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MMM-Buttons problem - Help please?

  • Module Developer

    I’m having an issue with MMM-Buttons.

    Connecting a button like the image attached, and using the config attached, no matter how I press a button, I get the long press effect… can someone help me figure out what’s wrong?


    button config

    			module: 'MMM-Buttons',
    			config: {
    				minShortPressTime: 0,
    				maxShortPressTime: 1000,
    				minLongPressTime: 1500,
    				bounceTimeout: 1000,
    				buttons: [
    					pin: 18,
    					name: "test",
    					longPress: {
    						notification: "SHOW_ALERT",
    						title: "title",
    						message: "Long Press",
    					shortPress: undefined, 

  • Module Developer

    Your config looks wrong, to much commas here in there. Try standard config of MMM-Buttons (Readme) and just change pin.

    If you watch MM in your browser, hit F12 then you should see, if a button press was send.


  • Module Developer

    I’m aware there’s too many commas by ‘traditional thinking’ - but I kept getting config errors without it.

    This was the default config, modified for testing.

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