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Notification not showing message

  • Hello everyone.

    I have a problem with the alert module. When I put the “welcomemessage” on true, I have a notification but only with the title, I do not have the message. The facial recognition module does the same to me.
    With the sample config it’s the same.
    By modifying the file alert.js I can display the message instead of the title, so the data is present.

    With en or fr language I have no changes
    Do you have an idea?


  • Anyone? please 😃

  • So, i’ve a line in alert.js file:

    msg += “” + message.message + “”; (line 47)

    and when i write this instead:

    msg += “” + message.message + “”;

    I can have a complete notification.

  • Module Developer

    Are you sure there is no message? I had a similar problem where some css values where wrong, so the message had the same color than the background.
    Normally you can find out, if you try to mark the message with a mouse.


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