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LED Monitor Vertical Setup How??

  • I just completed my first Magic Mirror set up and I have 24" LED monitor with 1920x1080 Resolution. How do I set up my Pi3+ so i can flip the monitor and use vertically? Currently, I build everything as Horizontally, but now i would like to make it vertically.
    Any help greatly appreciated.

  • I use this:

    pi@MagicPi:~ $ grep rotate /boot/config.txt

    The number can be different depending on how you turn it.
    I have the bottom on the left side, if you understand what I mean.
    Turned it clockwise.
    When turning, take care of the viewing angle.
    My monitor has a rather poor viewing angle, especially from the bottom, so now on my left.
    I need to look at the Mirror frontal or from the right (not too much though).
    But luckily this setup works for me.
    I did not purchase a IPS panel, as it uses more power than regular TFT, having it turned on for several hours a day.

    There was a new thread in the last days, explaining how to do it via css, but personally did not try it yet.

  • Found it.

    Looks like this is a better option.
    Will give it a try myself.

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