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Hide modules when display goes off through PIR (power saving)

  • Maybe i understand the modules like pir-hide-all, energy-saver, ect. wrong, but there is no modul that hides all modules when the display goes off through the PIR just for energy saving?
    Is it possible to make a modul that hides all modules that i have installed?

  • Well, there is a module… it needs one little script written for PIR.

    My MMM-SleepWake. It takes triggers from some external to MM.

    And supports the Pi, xdms, and blanking the screen for energystar devices.

    So, that suggests I need to provide that script… Thanks

  • Saw this too, but forgot it.
    If somebody would write the script for the PIR it would be great.

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    Hi @thedk ,

    I think my post is related to that too.

    It look like you figured out faster than me the lack of communication of the PIR modules to the other .

    You will see in the post that I have open a git to the PIR dev to ask for some help .

    Hopefully we will find a way to make it .

    I’m not a dev at all but I understand coding .
    I confident that playing with some code for a week or 2 will bring me to what I want.

    If we don’t get consistent answer in the meantime I’ll ( If i’m able to make it) definitly share with the community my findings.


  • Thanks for the link.
    Then let’s see what will happen 🙂

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    @thedk Hi ,
    I finally manage to find a solution that works quite good.
    I do not deserve the credit for the solutions, only for the implementation as it merges multiple sources.
    First : PIR need a first trigger to work .
    Workaround : Make the HDMI OFF when the mirror start ( so your screen doesn’t stay ON always until someone pass in front of the miror )

    For this Edit :
    in the MMM-PIR-SENSOR folder
    around line 139

    this.started = true;
        self.deactivateMonitor();  // add this to turn off monitor at startup . 

    Then to deactivate the idle / sleep mode of the modules due to MMM-Assistant

    Still in the node_helper.js modify line 34 like :

    exec("/usr/bin/vcgencmd display_power 1 && xdotool key ctrl+r", null); // add here xdotool key ctrl+r

    You need to install xdotool for this. That will allow to simulate the ctrl+r from keybaord that refresh the module therefore bring them back on screen .

    I set in the config.js file the pir module to put the screen off after 15 mins

    “powerSavingDelay”: “900”,

    I applied the same setting in MMM-AssistantMk2.js

    onIdle: {
    timer: 10006015, // if you don’t want to use this feature, just set timer as 0 or command as “”
    command: “HIDEMODULES”

    Summary When I start my mirror the screen is off. The PIR detect my presence and turn it ON .
    After 15 mins the screen goes off and the modules goes in sleep .

    As soon as the user presence is detected again , the screen goes on and modules are refreshed and come back .

    Hope this helps .


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    Maybe I don’t understand your question… but

    Hiding modules only with css (i.e hiding them on screen) does nothing for the power saving.
    You need the monitor to go in to sleep for any power to be saved.

    The Pi still runs when you hide the modules, not much power to save there, And I don’t really think the modules reload when hiding/showing them. But I can be wrong haven’t looked in to the code on the Hide/show part.

  • modules do not reload… their content is not shown when hidden

  • But it would save CPU Power if the Modules would be hide or not?

  • @thedk unlikely… or so small as to be unmeasurable

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