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MMM-Hotword or voicecontrol - far-field mic

  • Hi,

    Considering adding voicecontrol capabilities to my MM by using MMM-Hotword or voiceontrol on my pi3.

    Do you think that think kind of mic would do the job?


    alt text

    Will the module be able to recognize it?


  • Module Developer

    I didn’t tried. But if it could be recognized as a recording device on RPI and could be controlled by arecord (or record), it could be usable.

  • @bolish
    I was also checking for a mic in case and found some guys used a mic branded “Andoer”.
    Didnt try it yet

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    That type of mic would solve a TON of problems…currently when using voice and you have music playing the mic seems to fail…but with far field mics it should be a different story… sort of like an Alexa…

  • Indeed…It will also avoid the USB latence issue which I saw in several threads…

    There are tons of mic arrays (mainly called ReSpeaker). Some of them are expensive (79USD).

    I just found that one which already includes connexion board to the Pi, only have 4 mics but is cheaper. Seems to be a good comprise.

    link text

    alt text

    I just need to figure out how to connect it to the Pi without using / covering the full GPIO as I already have 2 others sensors connected on it.

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