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  • Hello everyone,

    I feel like I am constantly asking questions so I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to help me.

    So I am trying to install Alexa on my rasp pi to incorporate it with my mirror. It keeps on freezing halfway through the installation once it hits the Bluetooth part. Has anyone encountered this before?

    Scanning dependencies of target AudioPlayer [ 54%] Building CXX object CapabilityAgents/AudioPlayer/src/CMakeFiles/AudioPlayer.dir/AudioPlayer.cpp.o [ 54%] Building CXX object ApplicationUtilities/Resources/Audio/src/CMakeFiles/AudioResources.dir/AudioFactory.cpp.o [ 56%] Building CXX object ApplicationUtilities/Resources/Audio/src/CMakeFiles/AudioResources.dir/NotificationsAudioFactory.cpp.o [ 56%] Building CXX object ApplicationUtilities/Resources/Audio/src/CMakeFiles/AudioResources.dir/CommunicationsAudioFactory.cpp.o [ 56%] Linking CXX shared library [ 56%] Built target AudioResources Scanning dependencies of target Bluetooth [ 56%] Building CXX object CapabilityAgents/Bluetooth/src/CMakeFiles/Bluetooth.dir/Bluetooth.cpp.o

  • @anhanyoung I am using a raspberry pi3+

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