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Control your Mirror Volume with Voice ( MMM-AssistantMk2 )

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    Hi Members,

    I want to share my experience here using MMM-AssistantMk2.
    My objective was to be able to control my Mirror with voice command eg: “Set volume to 5” to have it at 50%

    Looking at the MMM-Assistantmk2.js code I saw the transcription hook and decided to use that.
    With the help of @Sean who has developed this module, I have implemented some additional lines in the mentioned file. ( all coding credit goes to Sean ) Else the same working code would have been ugly if it was by me 🙂

    First in the section: transcription hook

    "VOL_HOOK": {
      pattern: "set volume to ([0-9]+)",
      command: "VOL_COMMAND"

    then lower in section command

    "VOL_COMMAND": {
      shellExec: {
        exec: "amixer sset -M 'PCM'",
        options: (params, key) => {
          return (params[1] * 10) + "%" 

    This allows me now to say “Jarvis” … “set volume to 5” then my volume will be set to 50%.

    Note that you will need to pull the last update from git to get this works as we found a bug in the code with the ‘param’ while I tried to implement that. Sean fixed that very quickly and it’s now available.

    Hope that will be useful for the community and thanks again to Sean for this great module.

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