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MMM-NOAA3 Too Many API Calls

  • @cowboysdude there seems to be a problem think you released an update yesterday or the day before and it’s maxed out the api calls it’s been working fine for 2months on 15min calls to dark sky but as of late it is bombarding them with requests which has maxed out the daily 1000 requests two days running, all other MM modules are not ie Nest hue and GoogleMaps. I have removed it from the config and all network traffic dies down, can you look into this as it has been working great before this. Thanks in advance I’m going to try uninstalling it and then reinstalling it see if traffic is the same intensity.

    Edit: No even reinstalling it leads to the same thing loads of repeated calls to the api, deleting my 15min call inconfig and leaving it to 30mins default but it’s not 30 mins it’s like seconds calling repeatedly.

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