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MM and Kalliope: make Kalliope speaking

  • Hello everyone

    Sorry for my english.
    I hope my question is not already answered in another post

    I am working on module and interactions between Kalliope and MagicMirror.
    The module receives the order and takes it into account.

    Now, I would like to force Kalliope to say someting.

    For example:

    1. I say : “Kalliope … Display the calendar for John”
    2. Kalliope send a notification to modules
    3. My module catches this notification and display the calendar for John
    4. My module forces Kalliope to say “The calendera for John is displayed”

    The step 1, 2 a,d 3 are OK
    But I do not know if it is possible to do the step 4.

    Currently I display only the text.

    Thank you for your time and your help.



  • :::

    Spoiler Text



    So my solution.


    Kalliope Side :


    //-- settings.yml file
    # ---------------------------
    # Rest API
    # ---------------------------
      active: True
      port: 5000
      password_protected: False
      login: admin
      password: secret
      allowed_cors_origin: "*" 

    active:True allows using the Rest API
    password_protected: False allows anonymous connections
    allowed_cors_origin: allows connections from other sites. This option is mandatory because the MM site is localhost:8080 and kalliope

    Concerning the brain.yml file

      - name: "repeat"
          - order: "repeat after me {{sentence}}"
          - say:
              message: "{{sentence}}"

    This synapse allows Kalliope repeat a sentence.


    Magic Mirror side :


    The following lines could be inserted in a module file

    //-- Create the Request object.
    const Http   = new XMLHttpRequest();
    //-- Url to call fo our synapse.
    const url    = 'http://localhost:5000/synapses/start/id/repeat';
    //-- Build our data to send as parameters of our request.
    var sent     = 'This is the text I want Kalliope repeat';    //-- You can modify it
    var data     = {"parameters" : {'sentence':sent}};
    var dataJson = JSON.stringify(data);
    //-- Launch the request.           "POST",url);

    I hope to be clear 🙂
    I mark the post as Solved.

    Thank you a lot for your time and ideas.



  • @npx78 maybe look at the MMM-TTS module (tts - Text To Speech) on github

  • @sdetweil Thank you for your answer.
    In a perfect world, I would like to have the Kalliope voice 😄
    Is it possible with MMM-TTS module ?



  • @npx78 i do not know

  • Module Developer

    Consider MMM-GoogleTTS also.

  • @sean oops… didn’t see that one!

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    @NPX78 MMM-TTS is an offline text to speech, where you can choose a few different voices, but I assume the voice of the Google module sounds better, but is online.

    Here on the forum was once a member of the Kalliope team, you can reach out to him or on the kalliope project itself, if it needs to be that voice.

  • Module Developer

    After reading your question again, I have a little confusing.
    As far as I know, Kalliope has its own TTS feature using pico2wave. And there be more options to use other TTS solution(including Google TTS). So I couldn’t understand why other MM TTS module is needed.

  • @sean hello Sean.
    Using the TTS of Kalliope could be the better solution.
    But how can I call this fonctionnalité from a MM module

    Thank you for your time and explanations



  • Module Developer

    I have no experience with Kalliope so I’m not sure…
    I think this is showing what you needs -
    So, by just calling Kalliope API with curl to run your reply synapse from your module after it’s job, couldn’t be done?

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