Hello All,
I am new to MM2.
I have done my fair share of configuration of MM. I am unable to understand how to make two modules communicate with each other.

For eg:
I want to connect MMM-WeatherOrNot with MMM-Snow
just FYI, MMM-Snow is a module that puts snow flakes if the config is set to Snow with other configurable options being Water or Heart.

If I want to pass on the information from Weather module to change the parameter to different valuew, how should I do.

Any guidance will be highly appreciated.

I have many other use cases to make the magic mirror more magical(or smart I should say) for eg my BMW module shows the fuel left. I have integraed with an external API to extract the pertrol prices and I want my mirror to show the nearby Petrol Station with the fuel prices only when the leftover fuel reaches a defined minimum threshold.

Thanks in Advance.