My mirror’s time can get late for the system time. Everything within the MM environment works by that late time, e.g the default clock and scheduled commands (MMM-ScriptScheduler items). The only scenario I can recreate this manually is stopping the mirror by “pm2 stop mm” and then rebooting it. After reboot there is about a 12 second latency.

Video: Spot time displayed by the clock module and in the top line of htop.

Performing a (shutdown)-(waiting)-(starting the system) procedure extends this interval. The more the RPi stays switched off the more the time difference will be. Refreshing the browser with Ctrl-R corrects the problem.

I have 3 mirrors running at the moment. (Actually, only one of them is a physical mirror 🙂 but let’s call them like that.)

mirror1: RPi4 4GB, MM v2.10.1, node v10.19.0, LAN mirror2: Rpi3B+, MM v2.10.1, node v10.19.0, LAN mirror3: Rpi3B+, MM v2.9.0, node v10.17.0, WiFi

Only mirror1 and mirror2 (the PRi’s with MM v2.10.1) can be forced to the above 12 sec delay.

All of them run the same config on 16GB SD cards. Modules:

MMM-ScriptScheduler MMM-GoogleMapsTraffic calendar clock MMM-LocalTemperature (with DHT22 sensor) currentweather weatherforecast plus the MagicMirror-Display-Controller python program (with RCWL-0516 sensor)