Hey Jason - Currently as soon as the track changes, the IFTTT trigger fires and the web request places a new memo on my MMM-Memo mirror module so I’d say within about 5-10 seconds of the new track playing via any Echo device, it’s showing on my mirror. I think that solves for the first “currently playing” part.

And then your second - much trickier - question…I am not aware of any way to have the JSON formatted request carry the album art information over from IFTTT via webhooks to be displayed in MMM-Memo. I started down the track of creating a custom Alexa skill using Amazon ASK to then try and find a way to display Alexa cards (like what show up on Echo Show) to the mirror but ran into multiple roadblocks.
Open to ideas though! Like you, I’m curious if anyone else out there on the boards has found a more elegant solution? I posted this idea/pieced-together solution after hours of trying to find something to work hoping I might not be the only one struggling with the concept.