@banbutcher so, there were two problems

0 cycle time
and carouselId

I had my brain screwed on crooked for carouselId.

suppose you had multiple instances of the same module name in config.js, showing different things on different slides.

when u define the slides, u use the module ‘name’, but in this case, name is not enough.

so, in the module definitions themselves u add another unique identifier, carouselId: somestring. the value can be anything.

in their config:{} section, that is where carousel module will look for ‘carouselId’

in the slide definition, when u come to that module to be displayed, instead of putting the name in quotes, you need a little structure

{ name: "module name", carouselId:"samevalue_added_to_module_config" } ,

that way the carousel module can tell which module instance should be shown