@otto The way I did it is by using MMM-Assistantmk2, hotword and google voice reco. There is an already build ‘recipe’ in Assistantmk2 that do what you want. The module is hide_and_show_all_modules.js var recipe = { transcriptionHook: { "HIDE_ALL_MODULES": { pattern: "Go to sleep", command: "HIDEMODULES" }, "SHOW_ALL_MODULES": { pattern: "Wake up", command: "SHOWMODULES" }, }, command: { "HIDEMODULES": { moduleExec: { module:()=>{ return [] }, exec: (module, params, key) => { module.hide(1000, null, {lockString:"AMK2"}) } } }, "SHOWMODULES": { moduleExec: { module:()=>{ return [] }, exec: (module, params, key) => { module.show(1000, null, {lockString:"AMK2"}) } } }, }, } exports.recipe = recipe In your config.js file , within the MMM-AssistantMk2 section, there is a line where you have to put all your ‘recipes’ recipes: ["hide_and_show_all_modules.js","playlist.js","volume.js"], When I say ‘Jarvis Go to sleep’ my screen goes black and then when I say ‘Jarvis Wake up’ all my modules appear. For the record I’m french so the phrases there are not the one I’m using, it may need some test so you don’t use google reserved words.