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Data usage

  • Sorry if I missed it but I can’t seem to find information related to the data usage of the Magic Mirror.

    I realize it may depends on the modules running but is it something that I would need to worry about if I don’t have unlimited internet?

    If I hide the modules overnight using my phone remotely and just un-hide in the morning for a few hours, does the data stop using up when the models are hidden overnight or does it use up data even when all the modules are hidden?


  • @lpgjg some modules stop collecting data when hidden, but not all. I don’t think there is a list anywhere.

    You can tell if the module supplies suspend/resume routines

  • I found that the default update interval of the updatenotificaton module to be 10 minutes. That causes MM to check each of the installed modules every 10 minutes to determine if they are updated. While I don’t have usage issues for internet I found that 10 minutes seems way too often than need be. I adjusted mine back to 21600000 ms (6 hours).

  • @mlcampbe good catch, I can’t imagine needing even weekly checking for updates

  • Module Developer

    I always remove that module first whenever I install new MM.

  • @Sean me too, but because it crashes.

  • Thanks for the input everyone. I will change the update interval and I guess I will end up installing a roller on/off switch on the power cord same as the one you find on some lamps.

    This should insure no data transfer through the night or when we’re out. I can just shut it all down.

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