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Magic Mirror Alternatives -Discussion

  • I am considering starting a magic mirror project. This would be my first raspberry pi project, first forway Into any type of coding. I would love to eventually learn how to write my own basic modules… but that’s way down the line.

    I am currently in the research phase and I would like to get some civil discussion regarding magic mirror and it’s alternatives.

    I am aware that the bias here will be toward Magic Mirror, and that’s ok. This seems like the most widely developed option and most active community( two big pluses)

    Right now the only other alternatives I have come across are evan cohen smart mirror and dakboard. I think dark board is out as it costs money and seems to be more geared towards corporate dashboards. But what are everyone’s thought on smart mirror? And are their any other alternatives I should be considering

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    You could also take a look at mirr.os.
    I never played around with it, but it looks nice on the website.

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