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[ORDER CLOSED] Two way mirror order in Germany

  • @Goldjunge_Chriz Yes I am very satisfied !

    @Hawking I used a official Raspberry NoIR Camera attached via the wired-band to the cis-port of a Raspberry 3. The attachments to the mirror is kind of special, cause it is depending of ones setting.
    As You can see in the pictures I used the cut-off of the pass-par-tout as a first framework, pooled two screws in it, unfortunately one was shorter than the other one, that is, in the other picture, You realized the camera is odd, but that doesn’t matter as I didn’t want to take photos rather then detect motion. The image by raspistill is very unsharp, but that isn’t important either. It does what it does, detecting motion.
    As the pass-par-tout is kind of foam I could screw-in the screw directly. In total the framework fits neatly between monitor and mirror-frame.

    Hopefully that helps build Your mirror.


  • Hey folks, could You please post some photos, how You fixed the mirrorglas to Your framework!? Thank You !

  • @Hawking

    Here is my Cam picture behind the mirror from @Goldjunge_Chriz.

    RaspiCam with old mirror glass

    RaspiCam with new mirror glass

    my Mirror
    0_1491848985629_IMG_0975 (Medium).JPG

  • @Advokaten
    Thank you very much for the kind offer. But having had a good sleep or two over the issue I managed to find peace with myself again 😉 All in all it’s just a broken mirror…
    I did order a second mirror along with the first and decided to simply change my plans for its use. I went to my local glass shop and asked them to cut it in half. That way I will end up with 2 mirrors. Ok, they are different in size now, but hey? I will end up with 2 mirrors still 🙂

    Again, I really do appreciate your offer as it proves a hell of a lot in regards of community spirit. Especially since it is not the fault of any of you. I do hope though that you do not bother that I have to turn down your offer. Everything is fine.

  • Thanks for the pictures.

    @lolobyte said in [ORDER CLOSED] Two way mirror order in Germany:


    Here is my Cam picture behind the mirror from @Goldjunge_Chriz.

    What do you mean by “old mirror glass” and “new mirror glass”? Anyway, both pictures look very good, I hope that even gesture detection trough the glass should be possible. Can you also provide details how you attached the raspi-camera (regular or also noir variant?) at the back of the mirror?

  • @Hawking

    like @Goldjunge_Chriz said and i mentioned, the new mirror glass is the one from @Goldjunge_Chriz .

    My setup is like this.

    0_1491981924620_IMG_0884 (Medium).JPG

  • @lolobyte, and the front/side?? Thanks!

  • is the mirror???

  • @Advokaten maybe this will help you!

    0_1492021339804_IMG_0882 (Medium).JPG

  • Hi together,

    long weekend - perfect to finish the mirror hardware.
    Please find attached some pictures of the assembly + first impressions of the running mirror.
    (due to i still struggling to bring my java software to the raspberry, there are some cables to the laptop who will disappear in the final setup).

    Overall I´m satisfied, I believe I need to play a little bit with the light conditions and install a spot on top of the mirror to compensate the light absorbation of the mirror.

    Might it be possible to craft a glass working like a “silver reflected sun-glass”?