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trouble using CSS to make a picture bigger

  • I have the MMM-Comic module installed and working on my mirror as shown here Everything works great. But as he mentioned in the Repo that the comics may be too small. Which they were. So on i go to changing the custom.css files as he mentions. that works great. BUT now as all this was done in landscape mode on my mirror. I decided to rotate my display by changing the config.txt file of my Pi. Now the comic photo does not change in size no matter what i do. The module is in the lower_third region, and have also tried middle_center. Any suggestions on being able to see the comic?

  • @fnooah
    You can try to use transform and scale on CSS to make it bigger.

  • @saljoke
    i actually was able to go to the module itself. I adjusted the .css file inside the module folder. It seems to work so far with no issues.

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