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Controllable Youtube Embed player module?

  • Module Developer

    Is there any module which can play Youtube clip on MM and be able to control with notification?(or with other methods)

    • Load and play clip(s) which is(are) defined on config.js on startup
    • Change and play clip(s) which is given by notification(or any method) on runtime
    • Play/Pause/… control by notification.

    Is there?

  • Module Developer

    @Sean I have been trying to modify MMM-RandomYouTubePlayer to do those actions

    at the moment, it will play a playlist from YouTube and can be configured to play at random or in order

    it has full controls which are customizable with Boolean and other values

    I would like it to play a play list, or from a json file of a list of YouTube videos, or from a list that can be controlled by notification

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