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Who is home? Presence tracking

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    @tc60045 Here is midnight, so I’ll go to sleep at this moment. Tomorrow I’ll release it after some tests. You can help me to test, and to make a manual (English is not my mother tongue, so… :D)

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    alt text

    • Static IP/Domain or DDNS or Dataplicity portforwarding REQUIRED
    • Your IFTTT app of smartphone is needed.
    • You should allow your location service of app on phone as always

  • OK, some solid testing this afternoon. First off: Love the icons. Love the configurability. You’ve done great work here. I think the key is just testing out the problem with IFTTT.

    1. Using curl to post the data on local network works for “entered,”
      {“who”:“user”, “location”:“Church”, “EnteredOrExited”:“Entered”} – will be reflected immediately

    2. Doing same for “exited” doesn’t show anything different.
      {“who”:“user”, “location”:“Church”, “EnteredOrExited”:“Exited”} – nothing new gets posted. Suggest you say “Left Church” (x min ago) as an action description after trapping the condition.

    3. Trying to post the data via IFTTTT body isn’t working with the Ingredient

    4. When I hard code all the BODY, it works perfectly – /whereis is trapping the data when it comes through.

    5. Problem is with the {{EnteredOrExited}} ingredient.

    6. I’m trying using different escaping to see if it that helps. But my team of IFTTT testers are off with their friends and I won’t get a chance to test locations more until tomorrow. I’ll report back.

    7. Last thing: You have https – emphasis on s – in your IFTTT recipe. I’m not opening up 443 and dealing with certs and stuff, so I’m only using http on a custom port. YMMV.

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    • I think “EnteredOrExited” should have “entered” or “exited” (not uppercase) : need to confirm.
    • I used https but http could also work. (I used dataplicity and nginx for wormhole of fixed domain and port 80 using). Usually ppl would use ddns, http would be enough.