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Raspberry Pi 4 Released !

  • @mumblebaj said in Raspberry Pi 4 Released !:

    @dazza120 I assume we dont need all that cooling power just to run the mirror? 🤣

    😂 no but the Pi 4 is a really hot 🥵 CPU where cooling is most defo needed with heat sink it’s 55 at rest, others have reported it at 66 at rest and in a case at 77 heatsink is a must on this one. The second heatsink is more in line and I was able to bed it fully down with one thermal pad. Installing an update ie firmware took over 5mins on full gig and using 60 to 70% CPU that’s a lot of heat seen as my active cooling solution is only active with the TV on for the most part it will be passive, in the UK at the mo we are having a good summer so it’s hot room temp 25 so bigger the better 😝

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    I am in the beginning of my first MM project and would like to buy a Pi 4. What RAM would you recommend? Shall I go with the 4GB or is 2 more than enough?
    Thank you

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    @MajorC I would just go with the 4GB version as it is not a massive difference in price. Now that the Pi has better graphics we are likely going to see much more capable and sophisticated modules. I’m thinking in particular things like facial recognition can get to the point where it is much more responsive than it is today (not sure if the extra memory helps in this particular scenario, but it’s just one example of many I’m sure).

    Given how long it took for the 4 to be released, you’re better off future proofing yourself as much as you can now. It would be a shame to be handcuffed by a relatively inexpensive option you decided not to get.

    If you haven’t built a mirror yet, you’ll find that the price of the Pi is one of the least expensive parts of the project. Go with the best available.

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    @j-e-f-f thank you. I found some play-money today and can start the first step now. Buy a Pi and try out the software.

  • @Sean
    The price has been reduced for the 2 GB version

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