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windows remote desktop doesn't show same screen as on hdmi

  • Hi
    I’m using tightvncserver on my pi.
    Connected to the pi is a hdmi monitor.

    When I connect via windows remote desktop to the pi, I don’t see the same screen as it is shown on hdmi.

    How can I fix this?


  • @Jeff


    you don’t need to login with VNC or RemoteDesktop.
    Just type in your desktop browser the adress of your MM2 with the right port number, for example like this (8080 is the standard port) and the you see your MM2.
    It works without problems in the same network.
    If you want to use it from a external network, u must install port forwarding at your router.

    Good luck

  • Thnaks, that makes it a lot easier 😉

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