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Starting MagicMirror with Windows

  • My MagicMirror running on Windows 10 works great. I start a bash command window, type in ‘npm start’ and it’s running.

    How do I create a batch/cmd file to start MagicMirror automatically each time Windows starts?

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    you can try this maybe this works for you but debends on your system/ environment

    set internet explorer default page to “http://localhost:8080

    use windows key + r (run command)
    type “shell:startup” (open a windows explorer)
    create here a file with filetype *.bat (e.g. StartMagicMirror.bat)

    @echo off
    START /max iexplore.exe
    cd C:\Users\MyUser\MagicMirror\
    node serveronly

    save an close and doubble click on the file, Internet Explorer should open and magic mirror should start.
    Now you can restart an test

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