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calendar plugin: all items one day ahead

  • Dear all

    The calendar plugin shows items on wrong date. The problem appears with multiple caldav calendars from different sources. An Item which is scheduled for tomorrow appears to be due for the day after tomorrow. All other plugins like the clock are showing correct date + time

    I did some more digging and changed the timeFormat to “date headers” interestingly the plugin shows actually a wrong date. For example a item which is in the ical file for the 9th appears to be due on the 10th.

    This problem occurred once I updated the installation. Previously I was running a version dating back to April. Problem occurred without touching the config.js

    I also added a bug report on git

    It would be great if someone could help me out getting this fixed

  • For the record: I rolled back the default calendar plugin to the previous release (April) an the problem is solved. There seems to be something wrong with the latest release

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