• Still working on getting things to refresh, but here is a teaser…
    alt text

    Let me know if the pic isn’t showing or disappears, using google photos

  • @buzzkc looks good

  • I’ll start a new thread for this, but if anyone wants to try it out or PR it, keep in mind, it’s my first module. 😉

    Currently I’m only supporting a subset of device capabilities. I can only run one instance of the module also since everything is returned to a global array. More than one instance all the devices from each module instances get put into the array and the full list of devices displays on all instances rather than what was specified for that instance.

    For multiple capabilities in the list, the display is sorted by device name, then by capability alphabetically.

    It also displays devices for all locations, I’ll see if I can make this selective in the future, but fits my needs as it is.

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    Just stopping in and I wanted to say Thank you guys for working on this! I am still hammered as all get out with work and crawl home most nights… I’m running 3 months behind right now. But I wanted to check in and wow… this is amazing!! Thank you guys so much!

  • Well, looks like it’s duplicating some of the items in the array. I’ll get a patch uploaded for it soon.

    Edit: Found this was due to having more than one browser open, each instance was updating the global array. Working on a fix.

  • I’ve fixed the duplication, added an excluded device name list, fixed some timing issues, and cleaned it up.

    I’m not entirely happy with the way I’m getting all the data, but I haven’t quite figured out a good way to wait for all the promises returned from the smartthings-node library. I have to loop the capabilities, make a request to get devices by capability, wait for that promise, then loop devices to get the statuses for each, once those promises return I need to pair up the status with its device.

    So the ugly of it is that I’m just pushing all the data via sockets for each status request into an array that gets updated, then it gets fed to the getDom(). Not pretty, but it’s working.

  • Ok, I think I’ve gotten things to where it’s ready to share, I posted it up on the modules forum…Thanks again for all the feedback.

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    Someone please close this topic … It has moved here:

    Thank you all!! 🙂