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Firewall settings

  • Hello everyone,

    i have a MM2 up and running everything is fine, but there where it should work it will be behind a Firewall.
    So I need to now which ports and/or URLs the Mirror must comunicate to.
    I have asked google and just tested it with the ports for icals in the calendar but it doesn´t work.

    and maybe all other things the Mirror need to comunicate to.

    Greeting Scrober

  • Normally, RSS Feeds and the Mirror as itsself should run on Port 80 and 8080 with default settings.
    I Think the Weather and Calendar will work on the same ports as they get the info from the web page api.

  • I´ve tested it with free port 80(http) and 8080(alt-http) but it still don´t get any information out of the internet.
    For Calendar if opened up port 8008(ical) and 443(ssl) but still no Module loads it´s Data.

  • Okay now i´ve fixed the RSS feed and the Calendar partly.
    When i worked it out i will declare it here.

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