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Weather not updating periodically

  • Re: Weatherunderground - currently - hourly - daily - configurable

    I noticed several other people posting about similar issues, but the Weatherunderground module periodically stops updating on my setup. I checked the Analytics page from WU and see the calls simply stop. The other modules (Google calendar, NY times feed) continue to update and the device remains reachable on the network. I watched the MM logs for a bit but didn’t see anything unusual. Has anyone else experienced this?


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    @zachlan I haven’t seen this, but I wonder if there is a throttling by the Wunderground API? Does it properly reload after a reboot?

  • @bhepler - It does properly update after a reload. I’m not sure how long it works after the reload, since the weather doesn’t change all that often I’m looking at the WU analytics page but thats not very granular.

  • I had the same issue and - after some investigation - found that sometimes (for whatever reason) the hourly forecast from WU is not retrieved. Changing line 981 in MMM-WunderGround.js to “if (this.config.hourly == 1 && data.hourly_forecast.length > 0) {” solves the problem.


  • I’ve had the same issue. It’s not a network issue as I can start another instance of MM via a browser (I have my mirror set to a fixed IP on my network), and everything works fine. Doing a reboot and/or a “pm2 restart mm” works also. My hacky fix for now is to set up a cronjob that restarts the MM (using pm2) every 2 hours. I will try anatius fix of altering the code to do an additional check.

  • I replaced my firewall with a better one so I could do some caps and have more granular control but didn’t seem to make a difference. I updated the code on Saturday, we’ll see if it holds. Thanks.

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