Weatherunderground - currently - hourly - daily - configurable

  • Module Developer

    MMM-Wunderground is Yet Anothet Modified Weatherforecast module using Weather Underground.

    Can optionally display hourly forecasts. These forecasts display the temperature in the max xolumn and the feels-like in the min column.
    Daily forecasts are as you’d expect.

    Uses weather-icons-wind.css which means updating the weathericons package in the vendor directory in MM and adding it to vendor.js.
    Alternatively you could have them in your MMM-Wunderground directory.

    0_1463819209388_wunderground.png 0_1488276425770_upload-0aced24b-f4e9-4d44-9ed6-a90be1067c5c

  • Admin

    This looks beautiful!

  • Module Developer

    UPDATE: The updated weathericons are now included in thegit repository… Just update your install (git pull) and things should work…

    Did you update the weathericons files in the vendor directory in MM and added it to vendor.js? It’s probably stalling on the weather-icons-wind.css being missing…

    /* exported vendor */
    /* Magic Mirror
     * Vendor File Definition
     * By Michael Teeuw
     * MIT Licensed.
    var vendor = {
    	'moment.js' : 'moment/moment-with-locales.js',
    	'weather-icons.css': 'weather-icons/weather-icons.css',
    	'weather-icons-wind.css': 'weather-icons/weather-icons-wind.css',
    	'font-awesome.css': 'font-awesome-4.5.0/css/font-awesome.min.css'

    Alternatively you can have them in the MMM-Wunderground directory…

  • Module Developer

    Added alerts… When the weatherforecast refreshes, any alerts will be shown using the alert module.

    The duration of the alert can be ser by adding

    alerttime: 10000

    for a 10 second alert.

    The wu alertsystem is a bit borked as it has the alert in multiple languages in a single variable.

  • Module Developer

    Unfortunately it’s not possible to edit the opening post… but here’s some new screenshots from the module:



  • Moderator

    For troubleshooting or HOWTO questions, please post in the Troubleshooting thread:

  • Hello There,
    I couldn’t find the github or download link. Can you please help to find it?

  • Moderator

    @murattyilmaz, scroll to the top of this page, read the first post.

  • @KirAsh4 Thank for reply but I’m not sure how can it help me to have module files.

  • @KirAsh If I understand it right, @murattyilmaz has to install Weatherunderground. But could you please explain, how to modify the module to have it configurable?
    I also don´t understand how modify it, to have a module like RedNax.



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