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Any simple clean monthly calendar display (with google events)

  • Are there any calendar modules out there (other than MMM-calendarext and MMM-calendarext2) which display the full month calendar with events from multiple calendars on it? I’ve tried the above 2 listed modules and they seem overly complicated and not exactly what I am looking for. For example, if I were to use dakboard their calendar looks like the one shown below. Is there anything like this for MM or does anyone have a set of configs to make the above modules look like this?


  • Hi,
    I am working on my first MM project and one of the very basic need I have is to be able to see month view with all of my events. Now I tried using MMM-CalendarExt to show weekly view with 4 weeks, that work for me however events shown for each day DOES NOT have any time information. They simply appear for the day. In my opinion, its of no use unless there is time associated with event.
    I have seen many other folks in other forums have mentioned about the real state usage if the time is also shown, but I have seen other configurations in the same module that shows time for same real estate.
    I am also facing the same problem and very surprised that there are NONE modules that shows month view with event details.
    If anyone out there knows how to configure MMM-CalendarExt to show month view with events or another module that does the job please help.

  • So, I sent a request to Seongnoh Yi explaining my problem and he sent me a custom css configuration that I added. I must say it is perfect and exactly what I was looking for.
    I am using “Weeks” view that shows 4 weeks by default but no time for events. I went ahead and added this to my custom.css and it is now showing events inside calendar view.
    here is the config to be added to /css/custom.css
    .CALEXT .tableStyle .eventTime {

    Let me know what do you think?

  • Module Developer

    looks good to me. Sean’s a hell of a guy when it comes to support.

  • Take a look at the thread at which was the same question but under a different heading and got more response. I ended up using MMM-CalendarExt2 and custom css. I don’t recall having a problem with the time info not displaying myself though.

  • there is no need for module just edit the module name calendar in config file
    Step 1: go to google calendar settings select the calendar you want to display copy the public key in ical format URL
    Step 2: open config file
    module: “calendar”,
    header: “Upcoming Events”,
    position: “top_left”,
    config: {
    calendars: [
    symbol: “My events”,
    url: “paste the URL here” }

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