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24 inch monitor?

  • So, it’s 2019 and displays have come a long way and I’ve been looking at a lot of posts lately about monitors used.

    My hope is to create a MM of my own and I prefer about 24 or so for display (without my wallet being empty afterwards).
    What do I need to look for? IPS, VA?

    If you have any specific suggestions for a somewhat budget monitor that will do the job I’d be a happy man 🙂

  • Project Sponsor

    Hi! I’ve made my MM project with a second-hand 24" LG LCD TV and it looks great. I’ve spent less than 100 € last year.

    Hope it helps you.

    If you want to take a look of it:

  • I’m running on a $80 black friday deal Acer monitor. IPS would give you a wider view of the monitor, but where mine is located I’m looking at it pretty straight on. I’m building a full frame to go around mine, so just leaving the plastic housing on it, but I know a lot of folks like to remove the plastic to slim it down.

    I spent a little more on a new case for the pi as it was running pretty warm, I went with a full heat sink aluminum case ( which has helped a lot.