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Touchscreen Buttons

  • Hi there,

    since my touchscreen is running fine, i want to get my mirror to look like a smartphone. But i’m realy not useful in programming js.

    So i simply want a module or a code snippet, that creates an icon (e.g. a weather symbol) and does onClick module.hide / If i had a clue in js, i would do it myself. But it would be enough if u can post a snippet with this function and i could do it for the other modules i need.


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    I made it with addEventListener(“click”, ()=> function())

    but if you put the button in a module and hide the entire module the button will also disappear when you click it.
    The changes I made to the newsfeed I added style.display=“none/block” to hide and show divs

    But since I’m a noob-coder I’m not sure that is the best way to do it

  • @broberg
    I think the easiest way according to the Module dev md and the Code i’ve Seen in other modules is getModule -> onclick -> hide/Show.

    Also, i dont want to change anything in the modules directly. Let me call it sth like a navbar on web pages. Just Made with: when this is clicked show me that.

    But as i said im useless in js programming. But a snippet of the function should be enough, so ist could do the Rest.

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