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Looking for someone with Git, JavaScript, Node and Linux experience

  • Hi guys,

    I’m looking for a user with experience in Git, JavaScript, Node and Linux. I would like to modify an existing code from GitHub according to my ideas a little bit, unfortunately my programming skills are not sufficient for this.

    It’s about a photobooth project.

    The changes itself seems to be very easy for someone with experience but I can not get it with my skills, unfortunately. It would be great if someone of you can and wants to help me 🙂

    More details by private message. Please write 🙂

    Thank you in advance and best regards

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  • @Goldjunge_Chriz sent you a message

  • Since the User @sdetweil unfortunately currently can’t help me, here is my plan:

    I would like to change the code of Philipp Trenz ( so that the application works as follows:

    1.       Instead of the gallery / slideshow it should run any mp4 video (random principle) from a folder called “screen saver” in continuous loop. It should run the same video in the loop until the Push-Button is triggered.

    2.       After pressing the Push-Button to trigger the photo it should play five different 1 second long mp4 videos / gif animations (random principle) after the row from folders called “Countdown 5”, “Countdown 4”, “Countdown 3”, “Countdown 2” and "Countdown 1 ". This ensures that the countdown is always personalized and never boring.

    3.       After the existing “screen flash” it should play a mp4 video / gif animation (random principle) from a folder called “compliments” instead of the loading bar. This video/animation should play until the image has been processed and can be displayed.

    4.       The finished image should be displayed for 10 seconds. At the same time, the finished image should be saved in the online gallery (that makes the program already, I just want to limit it to the 10 seconds)

    5.       Then the Raspberry Pi should jump back into the screensaver (see point 1).

    On this video you can see the application from Philipp in action:

    Can anyone do that?

    Thank you in advance

  • can nobody help?

  • Nobody??

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