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Easy Twitter feed

  • Hey Guys, I’m new and just started messing around with MM2 on Ubuntu Desktop before I get my Pi for Xmas. Just wanted to let you guys know something I’ve found whilst playing,unless someones mentioned it before. I couldnt see an easy module for twitter feeds so if anyone wants to stream your favourite twitter feeds then you can just use the default newsfeed module and use the url specified as[USERNAME]. The site converts twitter feeds into RSS feed so it’s compatible. I stumbled upon trying to make a transport update module for my local train station and wasnt having any luck and whilst poking around their site I remembered they posted their news on twitter and voila.


  • And does new tweets show on top or underneath the old one?
    Which RSS plugin do you use?

  • When you have multiple feeds inside of one newsfeed module the tweets will rotate in the same position. If you want to see multiple tweets from different sources simultaneously, then add two newsfeed module sections in the same position in your config.js file. I do that. For example I have one newsfeed module that just targets traffic updates and only updates that are less than 4 hours old. The other newsfeed rotates local event information and expires them after 1 day from a couple twitter sources I follow.

  • Good idea! Also interested if new tweets show on top or underneath the old ones?

  • @colinconner Only one tweet appears at a time unless you have added multiple module sections. The tweets that do appear are all the tweets in the timeframe you selected. For example, if you wanted to see the tweets for the last eight hours, it would rotate through new and old tweets rolling for the last eight hours. New tweets would pop in however you would only see them once it rolls through the RSS feed back around to the beginning.

    I have two different modules rolling all the time. One that is for recent tweets where I have them time limited to four hours back checking every five minutes. And another where I am checking 24 hours back.

    Kind of hard to describe but once you play with it you will see how the behavior works and it will make perfect sense. The RSS feed / tweet solution isnt for instant tweet pop-ups. It’s just rolling through a list in your timeframe.

  • how do you show more than one entry from the RSS feed?

  • well… i used the twitter functionality: and created a html-file with a auto-reload time of 30 seconds and let this page show in an i-frame at my magic mirror…so it shows alle tweets in the right order and updates itself every 30 seconds–>

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