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MMM-RTSPStream - no video

  • I need help. I’ve installed MMM-RTSPStream, followed manual, generated confiq…but after run MM there is just white border, but no picture. Camera is AirLive 2025 HD, based on I’ve tried urls
    and also /video.mp4 and //mp4 and also without user:pass

    tried rtsp on VLC and after entering IP and name and pass I can see video in VLC player (VLC doesn’t ask for port)

    http://IPADDRESS/axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi works in Chrome like a charm

    in camera homepage config is port 554 configured properly.

    what I’m doing wrong?

    @shbatm - any suggestion?

    thanks, Zdeněk

  • Have you disabled any other modules to make sure there isn’t a conflict with one? I ran into the issue with the MMM-GoogleMapsTraffic module (see pr for fix: Before applying that fix I was getting the box, but no video. Also had issues with other modules loading.

  • @zdenek said in MMM-RTSPStream - no video:

    I’ve used also “sample” config and added just MMM-RTSPStream module, but the same result. I’ve red about Google Maps, but I don’t use this module

    module config:

        module: "MMM-RTSPStream",
        position: "top_left",
        config: {
            autoStart: true,
            rotateStreams: true,
            rotateStreamTimeout: 10,
            moduleWidth: 354,
            moduleHeight: 240,
            localPlayer: 'omxplayer',
            remotePlayer: 'none',
            showSnapWhenPaused: true,
            remoteSnaps: true,
            stream1: {
                name: '',
                url: 'rtsp://IPADDRESS/stream1',
                frameRate: 'undefined',
                snapshotType: 'url',
                snapshotRefresh: 10,
                width: undefined,
                height: undefined,

  • That sounds interesting, because I’m apparently too stupid to get a picture on my MM from my Dahua IP camera. About VLC Player I can easily see the RTSP video stream on my PC.

    Das klingt interessant, ich bin nämlich scheinbar auch zu blöd, ein Bild auf meinen MM von meiner Dahua IP Kamera zu bekommen. Über VLC Player kann ich ohne Probleme den RTSP Videostream auf meinem PC ansehen.

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