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SmartMirrors in the bathroom

  • Hello everyone,
    Has anyone had/tried the Smart Mirror in the bathroom? I heard from one person it didn’t get affected by condensation, but I wanted to make sure.
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    Anyone tried Acrylic, glass, and/or film in the bathroom? I’m leaning towards getting acrylic, but it’s expensive. Obviously film has the concern of bubbling, and glass (is always the best option, but you pay for it). I would think acrylic would hold up just fine. I’ve had my running on a monitor for like 2 months now in the living room making small changes when I get free time. But i’m getting close to hooking it up to an old 32" tv, and actually putting it checker

    My goal is to use the TV speakers through HDMI, and run usb cable from the mirror behind the wall to the ceiling for the MIC (conference call mic so it should pick up sound pretty easily) to sit on the ceiling. I’ve got a few more Mods and stuff I want to run through along with I found and issue with MMM-Awesome-Alexa and MMM-Scoreboard not working together at the same time (when Alexa is downloaded scoreboard’s formatting is screwed up), but I still need to get Remote working, and what not.port checker

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    All depends on the enclosure behind the mirror, I have a fairly closed box ( large air volume inside so heat isn’t an issue). And the inside don’t get condensation on it, and generally the part with the screen behind it usually gets warm enough so it doesn’t get foggy.

    I wouls strongly advice against anything not glass when it comes to a bathroom mirror due to scratching. The bathroom mirror usually needs more cleaning than say a hallway mirror and the more you clean the more scratching will occur. So the harder the surface the better. And the coated side inwards the screen so you don’t accidentally damage it.

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