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    [2.9.0] - 2019-10-01

    ℹ Note: This update uses new dependencies. Please update using the following command: git pull && npm install. If you are having issues running Electron, make sure your Raspbian is up to date.


    • Spanish translation for “PRECIP”.
    • Adding a Malay (Malaysian) translation for MagicMirror².
    • Add test check URLs of vendors 200 and 404 HTTP CODE.
    • Add tests for new weather module and helper to stub ajax requests.


    • Updatenotification module: Display update notification for a limited (configurable) time.
    • Enabled e2e/vendor_spec.js tests.
    • The css/custom.css will be rename after the next release. We’ve add into a instruction by GIT to ignore with --skip-worktree and rm --cached. #1540
    • Disable sending of notification CLOCK_SECOND when displaySeconds is false.


    • Updatenotification module: Properly handle race conditions, prevent crash.
    • Send NEWS_FEED notification also for the first news messages which are shown.
    • Fixed issue where weather module would not refresh data after a network or API outage. #1722
    • Fixed weatherforecast module not displaying rain amount on fallback endpoint.
    • Notifications CLOCK_SECOND & CLOCK_MINUTE being from startup instead of matched against the clock and avoid drifting.

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