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Hiding and Showing iFrame Module

  • Hi guys wondering if anyone can guide me to the right place if anything like this exists.

    So i would like to hide or show iframe on my MM.
    Would like to do it with Voice but at this point just want to hear any way possible.

    I have a RPI 3 with mic and camera. The iFrame plays a youtube playlist. So it would be nice to be like “Play Youtube” and it opens and “Close Youtube”

    If nothing like this exists i am willing to offer $100 through paypal for the services.

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    Should not be an issue, use one of the voice modules and the iframe module.

    But why would you play a youtube playlist? The videos are full of commercials now a days…
    I would feel it was quite annoying under a longer period of time.

  • There are already a few voice modules on github. Take a look here:²-Modules

    When there’s something interesting there for u, maybe we can help u changing the code to the commands u want to use.

    Edit: Here’s a module with the things u wanna do:
    You can create commands on the page and send notifications with the module so u can control other modules or Play something. Even from the web shall be not that Problem.

  • Hi Chrisyy

    Ye i have been looking and looked on that one also. But i dont believe it will work. I mean it could work as shell and change it from there.

    First thing is trying to figure out how to config.js file in order for it not to show the iframe on MM. maybe something like false or true. and then trying to get the voice control to toggle between the two. But like i said i have been looking at a lot of voice control modules and i dont know if its me or its just i dont think they would do the trick.

    Plus i dont really know how to code. I wish i did sometimes i can figure stuff out but this one is a bit hard for me.

  • Take a look at my NavigationBar Module:

    There’s a code-block like: “On click, toggle hide/show”. With the VoiceModule from alexyak u just have to change the onClick to socketNotificationReceived. Take a look at the dev instrucionts for MM:

    So i would say:

    First install the voice modul and configure it. Go on the Page and get some voice models and put in on your Mirror like it’s said in the voice module instruction. Then u can open the Mirror in Chrome or Firefox and open the console. Now just try the voice commands. In ur console should appear the voice commands.
    Then the next step is to execute something on the incoming the notification. That’s the part, where i could help u to program ist.

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