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My Family Dashboard made with Magic Mirror 2

  • This is my 1st go at a project like this, I am not done yet but having fun learning along to way.


    The display is only temporary setup in a out of the way spot in the living room while I work on software setup, it will be mounted on a wall in the kitchen once I finish setup and figure out how I want to mount it.

    Here is the project build so far:

    *C2" LG M4310C with max resolution of 1280 x 1024 @ 60hz with HDMI digital input.

    I got this display at a past job from a old store display, it seems to have a very large viewing angle even when vertical and has a non-glossy screen making it easy to read from most anywhere in the room.

    The display is thick at about 4.5" or 11.43cm, and weights about 63lbs or 28.6kg…so wall mounting will be a bit of a challenge but nothing I haven’t done before, I just don’t want to add to much more to the thickness off the wall.

    *Raspberry Pi 4 B+ 2GB running the latest Raspbian Buster OS (Kernel 4.9) provided on the raspberry site.
    *32GB Lexar 633x Class 10 sd card

    Running modules:
    *Clock - Default
    *Calendar - Default
    *MMM-CalenderExt2 by eouia
    *MMM-DarkSkyForecast by jclarke0000

    I am still customizing the little thongs, I know very little html and css so this forum and Google have been my friend in learning.

    I am going to remove the default calendar once I get the rest of my calendars setup on the CalendarExt2 module.

    I am currently setting up the MMM-GooglePhotos module by eouia to add a changing photo background behind all of the modules, I have it setup enough to pull images from my Google photos album but struggling with getting them to display full screen.

    To-Dos for this project:
    *PIR sensor to dim display after a set amount of time of no motion and turn off video output after another set amount of time.
    *Microphone for Raspberry Pi
    *Install Alexa or some other voice assistant.
    *Low profile wall mount of display

    Other possible additions for this project:
    *IR frame to add touch capabilities
    *Indoor Temperature sensor

    Thanks to Michael Teeuw for creating this project, to everyone out there creating some awesome modules, and to everyone on this forum for sharing.

    Please let me know what you think so far, if you have any suggestions, or feedback.

  • @jeremy0213 awesome!.. thanks for sharing

  • Cool,looking good!