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no result from mvgmunich modul

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    Thanks for the module, it is one of the most used modules in our family.
    After the last update, the module no longer displays a result.
    Here is my config:

    			module: 'mvgmunich',
    			position: 'bottom_right',
    			header: 'MVG',
    			config: {
    				haltestelle: 'Vaterstetten',
    				maxEntries: 4,   // 10 items on screen
    				updateInterval: 60000,  // 60 s
    				showIcons: false,            // Show transport type icon
        			transportTypesToShow: {
            		"ubahn": false,            // show ubahn route
            		"sbahn": true,            // show sbahn route
            		"bus": false,              // show bus route
            		"regional_bus": false,     // show regional bus route
            		"tram": false              // show tram route
        			ignoreStations: [],         // destination not to be shown
        			timeToWalk: 0,             // 10 min walking time to station. Default is 0
        			showWalkingTime: false,     // if the walking time should be included and the starting time is displayed
        			showTrainDepartureTime: true,     // show tran departure time
        			trainDepartureTimeFormat: "relative",   // format of the train departure time
        			walkingTimeFormat: "relative",    // format of the walking time

  • @Babene1 open the developers window, using the keyboard, ctrl-shift-i, select the tab labeled ‘console’ and then scroll up… to find any errors (usually red text)
    you can also filter to messages from a single module, by putting some part of its unique name into the file labeled ‘filter’, like mvgm

    let us know what u find

    if you use pm2 to manage the mirror runtime, you might also look at the logs, by doing

    pm2 logs

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    i install MM on an Windows PC to debug,
    i start magic in node servonly
    start browser + debug console
    here is the result off debug


  • @Babene1 it says it can’t find the fonts needed…

    “After the last update, the module no longer displays a result.”

    what update? MagicMirror?

    did u also add MMM-GoogleMapsTraffic? it has a bug, you can get an updated version from my repo

  • @Babene1
    Bei mir kommt die Meldung: “Der Name der Haltestelle ist nicht korrekt, bitte überprüfen sie auf MVG”.
    Vielleicht sollten wir ein Issue erstellen. Der Autor des Moduls hat bei mir schon mal darauf reagiert.

  • Did anyone find a solution? I have the same problem. When I remove the MMM-GoogleMapsTraffic from the config.js the issue presists. First it is displaying “undefind” and then nothing at all.

    P.S.: I reverted to the previous version of mvgmunich (sd card backup) which works again, but it has some dupicate stations entries. But this issues was from the beginning.

  • @andyyy
    I switched back to the old version and that works for me, too

  • @thedoorsfanatic
    That is a workaround for now. I wondering if this is a sole module issue or a config issue/problem with the MM or OS itself. Sooner or later we need update mvgmunich module though.

  • @andyyy
    Ok, I got it working again. Since I am a beginner this might be a little bit unusual but that’s what I did:
    1.) in my modules folder I renamed the existing folder to “mvgmunich_alt”
    2.) then I did a new install as described here in step 1 and step 2:
    3.) I skipped step 3 but I copied the whole configuration block from step 4 to my config.js
    4.) Then I put in my information like haltestelle, etc. and it worked again
    5.) I discovered that the ignoreStations part did not work but after putting in the name exactly like stated in, for example “Moosach Bf. U S” everything was like before.

    Hope that helps!

  • @thedoorsfanatic
    This approach doesn’t work for me. Now I have both versions installed. Running the old version from the config.js it works as aspected but if I change the directory to the latest version of the module doesn’t load the table/stations. I have no clue what to do next.

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