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Which modules with Home Assistant currently work?

  • but I will try to use this module. It seems to be more complete.

    I will create another token in the Home assistant (HA) for him.

  • actually this module is also working. That is,

    operational modules tested by me:


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    i want to use the modul MMM-HASS
    but i get the error in HA “Login attempt or request with invalid authentication from”
    i use Home Assistant 0.116.2

    here is my MM-Config from the Modul:

               module: "MMM-HASS",
               position: "top_left",
               config: {
                       host: "",
                       port: "8123",
                       apipassword: "xxxxxx",
                       hassiotoken: true,
                       token: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
                       https: false,
                       devices: [
                       { deviceLabel: "Temp Test",
                               deviceReadings: [
                               { sensor: "sensor.temp1", icon: "wi wi-thermometer", suffix: "°"},
                               { sensor: "sensor.temp1 _2", icon: "wi wi-humidity", suffix: "%"},

    In MM:

    Temp Test undefined°undefined%

    Log from MM:

    [2021-01-09 10:36:47.251] [LOG] { undefined: undefined, label: Temp Test }
    [2021-01-09 10:37:47.408] [LOG] Request URL: temp1?api_password= xxxxxx
    [2021-01-09 10:37:47.408] [LOG] Request URL: temp1_2?api_password= xxxxxx
    [2021-01-09 10:37:47.524] [LOG] { undefined: undefined, label: Temp Test }

    What I have to config in HA? Would be really grateful for tips

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