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MMM-BackgroundSlideshow Problems

  • I am attempting to use this module but am having a probably basic problem.
    The module works for about 10 minutes before the screen goes blank with my cursor arrow showing.
    I am using this as a clock on a refurbished laptop screen. On the left I have a date/clock heavily modded with css. On the right I have the darksky weather module. All works for days without activating the background module.
    Using the background module in which the jpg files are loaded in a separate directory and the script looks like this…

        module: 'MMM-BackgroundSlideshow',
        position: 'fullscreen_below',
        config: {
          imagePaths: ['modules/images/'],
          transitionImages: true,
          randomizeImageOrder: true,
          backgroundSize: 'cover',
          slideshowSpeed: 60000

    After about 10 minutes the images stop and I have a blank screen with the cursor. I either have to do a reboot or an npm restart to get it going again, and then after another 10 minutes it stops. I have tried various pictures with the same problem happening.

    Does anyone have a possible solution.

  • @carltonb i just installed this and don’t see that problem at all.

    you are updating images once every 60 seconds

    slideshowSpeed: 60000

    how many images are in the folder?


    try this
    on the mirror, using keyboard, ctrl-shift-i, to open the deverlopers window,
    select the console tab, and scroll up to see any errors…

    also look at the log from where u started MM…

    if pm2, then pm2 logs
    otherwise on the terminal window itself

  • Thank you for the reply.
    Can you tell me what I MIGHT BE LOOKING FOR.
    There is a lot of code with errors and warnings both in the developers window and the pm2 logs.

    I do not know what is a valid error and not.

    Again thank you.

  • @carltonb in the dev window (described two posts back), add ‘back’ (no quotes) to the filter field, to remove other module messages

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