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MMM-AssistantMk2 (v3)

  • Module Developer

    MMM-AssistantMk2 (v3)

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    What is updated

    • Fully rebuild from scratch.
    • More stable.
    • Installer is served. (For Raspbian or any Debian-based Linux)
    • Annoying audio output dependencies are deprecated. Simply using standard HTML5 audio output.
    • plugin and responseHook are added.
    • screen output is more controllable.
    • customizable UI.
    • pre-built recipes are served.
    • Easier custom action managing.

    Last Tested

    • MagicMirror : 2.10.0
    • RPI 3B+ / raspbian 10 /nodeJS v10.17.0 / npm 6.13.2
    • MacOS Catalina 10.15.2 / MacBookPro 2017 15" / nodeJS v11.12.0 / npm v6.9.0
    • debian 10 / nodeJS v10.18.0 / npm v6.13.4


    • Author :
      • eouia (@Sean)
      • bugsounet(@Bugsounet)
    • License : MIT
      • By terms of Google Assistant SDK, You are not allowed to use or provide this module for commercial purpose.

  • @Sean Just installed.
    Everything seemed to go fine with the new installer (great!).
    However after installing I have no screen feedback.
    I have activated debug and everything seems fine though (no major error message).
    Too late to test voice in home cannot say if the assistnt itself works.
    What could it be due to?

    I have ported/copied from previous install the profile and credentials file.

    [23:40:28.380] [LOG]    [HOTWORD] begins.
    [23:40:28.381] [LOG]    [HOTWORD] Detector starts listening.
    [23:40:28.408] [LOG]    [NEWS] Initialized.
    [23:40:28.417] [LOG]    Transportation fetcher for station with id 'xxx' created.
    [23:40:28.592] [LOG]    [AMK2] MMM-AssistantMk2 Version: 3.0.0
    [23:40:28.594] [LOG]    [AMK2] RECIPE_LOADED: with-MMM-Hotword.js
    [23:40:28.595] [LOG]    [AMK2] NO_ACTION_TO_MANAGE
    [23:40:28.610] [LOG]    [AMK2] AssistantMk2 v3 is initialized.
    [23:40:28.627] [LOG]    [AMK2] tmp directory is now cleaned.
    [23:40:28.639] [LOG]    [RCREPO] Repository scanning...
    [23:40:29.501] [LOG]    [RCREPO] modules.json is updated.
    [23:40:29.611] [LOG]    [NEWS] Articles are aggregated :  20
    ^C[23:42:12.626] [LOG]    [SIGINT] Received. Shutting down server...

  • Module Developer

    Show me your configs. And MMM-Hotword should be updated also.(git pull enough)

  • Hello,

    First of all, thank you both for this wonderful work.

    I have a question that may seem silly, but is it mandatory to install MMM-Hotword with this module in order to trigger the wizard?


  • Module Developer

    If you want to use MMM-Hotword as a trigger to activate this module, MMM-Hotword would be needed.
    However, you can use another module as an activator that can detect your trigger and can emit some notification(customizable or not).
    For example, You can use MMM-Clap instead of MMM-Hotword. In this case, you can activate this MMM-AssistantMk2 with a finger-snap instead of speaking hotword.

  • Thank you for your reply,
    I thought that to trigger it, we could simply say “ok google” if we did not want to customize the keyword (Jarvis, Smartmirror …) using MMM-hotword.

  • Module Developer

    Unfortunately Ok Google(or any other hotword trigger detection) is not included in Google Assistant SDK itself by Google. That is why MMM-Hotword be needed.

  • Module Developer

    Or you can make a version of ALWAYS LISTENING & ALWAYS REACTING FOR ANY VOICE, but I can bet nobody wants it. That is why trigger be needed.

  • I usually use Gassistpi which is not implemented in MagicMirror.

    This reacted to Ok Google. That is why I thought it worked similarly.

    Thank you for this additional information,

    I will take the test this weekend


  • Module Developer

    GassistPi might use Assistant SDK Library (Python) - Which has been deprecated by Google, so it could not be supported anymore. It had embedded hotword detector in the Library, but not included in SDK itself directly. Anyway, that is deprecated so we cannot use it anymore.

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